1. This service is for Podcasters only. If YOU are producing audio or video podcast, you are welcome. If you have a service that you want podcasters to use (microphones, podcast directories, software) you are not welcome.

2. The images used on this site should be family friendly. Anything REMOTELY adult MUST be categorized in the ADULT/MATURE category. If you have to think about it, put it in the ADULT/MATURE category. The last thing we need is some women dressed suggestively showing up on a religious website. NOT FOLLOWING THIS RULE WILL HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT SUSPENDED AND NO REFUND WILL BE PROVIDED.


3. Use of Podcastclicks.com is free. You can only put ONE banner on ONE page. Failure to follow this rule will have you banned.

For every banner you show on your site, you will have your banner shown on another site. You receive 500 impression for signing up.

4. Images should not be animated. They need to be jpg, gif, or png format.

5. You will not hold podcastclicks.com responsible for any outages caused by acts of God, or issues with technology.

6. By accepting these rules you admit that you have read these rules, and will follow them without question.

7. While we do allow “R” rated podcasts to use the system, we do not allow pornographic X rated podcasts to use the system. If you have ANY quesitons about a graphic, please do not hesitate to send an email using the contact form